Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More camera fun

I rarely post pics of my son. Mostly because he's just not interested in getting his pics taken!LOL

and I have never posted one of my husband-I used the Sepia setting for this one.

I am just loving this new camera!!


Sharon said...

Hi Kristy,
Your son is so handsome! Hubby doesn't look thrilled to have his picture taken! :)

More importantly----- you have been given an award!
See my blog for details.

Erin and Nathan said...

Ummm...I know that look from someone. Too funny that they all give that same face. Love the sepia...really old looking from some other time, or something.

kelly said...

agree with the comment about not being thrilled to have picture taken. look at my recent blog and picture comment. very similar.

however, your son is very nice looking.