Saturday, December 13, 2008

Journal Page Backgrounds

So I am trying to get back to being creative every day again. I have been pretty busy today-but I managed to get a couple of journal page backgrounds done. I love the way they came out and I just LOVE sitting and making journal page backgrounds. I think I need to do more these days-it really helps me to relax and jumpstart my creativity, which I need desperately right now :)
Something interesting that happened today that totally made my day was that I came home from a breakfast to find the most BEAUTIFUL poinsettia I have ever seen sitting on my doorstep. Attached is a note that reads " On the first day of Christmas, We send a warm hello! With this pretty red Poinsettia, To give your day a special glow."
Now I am trying to figure out who put it there! It made us feel very loved :)


Anonymous said...

Kristy, stunning backgrounds. I have always been fascinated by how you create your backgrounds. This gives me a good idea. Sounds like the poinsettia is just awesome!! How sweet of whoever gave it to you.

Jeannine said...

So glad you're recovery is going well and that you are getting creative time. These backgrounds are great - I love the texture and colors!

How fun to have a secret santa. I wonder if they will reveal who he/she/they are?


Mar said...

beautiful backgrounds!!

i prefer the backgrounds stage myself...quick refreshing times to let yourself create freely...
the no brainer stage