Thursday, December 11, 2008

Created By Hand Challenge: Tree Trio

This is my contribution for the Created By Hand Tuesday Challenge although I am a bit late :)

All images are by Quietfire except for the crackle background that is by I Brake For Stamps

I am still on the road to recovery-I know I have not blogged much. I am now 5 1/2 weeks out of surgery and seeing differences each day. I am feeling really good, getting back into somewhat of a normal routine. But, it takes all my energy, not leaving much to do anything creative. I often get great ideas while I am resting but am usually too tired to actually DO anything creative at all since by that time my energy is zapped. I look forward to having more energy to do creative things. :)


Mary-Beth said...

I love this card Kristy!! Those trees look like so much fun!

Candy said...

Hi Kristy,
Love your card! It is so very pretty. The trees are fab.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to see you creating again. Incredible piece of matter if it is a card or a collage..everything you do it gorgeous. Hope you have your energy back will come back before you know it!

Jen Crossley said...

Im so glad your starting to feel a bit better.Your card is beautiful

Wanda H said...

A beautiful card, Kristy!!!! I'm so very glad you are feeling a little better and I'm sure the energy will increase day by day.

Mar said...

the important part of the getting better
which i am glad you are progressing.
your card is beautiful! and as always an inspritation for me.

Shelly Hickox said...

Kristy, this is gorgeous! I'm glad you felt up to making something. I hope you're continuing to feel better each day.

Kelly said...

great card