Saturday, November 24, 2007

My son's big purchase

My son saved for MONTHS for this! We went and visited the pawn shop today-my son and husband are into coin collecting-and low and behold they had quite a few guitars!LOL

So, they gave him a good deal on that plus an amplifier. Not a bad guitar-good brand , and its in great shape. Now he needs to learn how to play!LOL

Anyway, I know its not art related (well I guess music is considered an art!) but had to share :)

PS-I don't know why his hair is a little red in the picture-its not in real life!


Katy's Corner said...

Oh-er, Kristy - he's growing up!!! That red hair look is an omen of things to come, LOL.

Oh the joys of boys growing up...........

Linda E said...

So its ear plugs for you this Christmas then Kristy!! - LOL

Oh doesn't he look so grown up. He is going to break a few hearts in the years to come.