Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wednesday Stamper:Children

Here is my contribution, albeit late, for last weeks wednesday stamper for the theme of "Children."

It felt great to actually do some stamping today-its been a while :)

Sick child, I was sick.......you know how that goes !

Images by Time To Stamp. The card is actually not as

dark as the scan shows.


belinda said...

Lovely card Kristy and hope you both will soon back to normal!

A Note From The Queen said...

it's beautiful Kristy!!!

Kelly said...


Sandy said...

Lovely. Really nice. The stamp is gorgeous.

Paula said...

Gorgeous, Kristy!
Fab composition & love that stamped image.It has my fav script on it too. Love to see script.

Hermine said...

Beautiful card, love it.

Sarah said...

gorgeous Kristy. hope you are feeling better

LOl sarah xx