Friday, October 26, 2007

feeling blah and california fires and winds

This past couple weeks has been about the worst in a while for me-I think I have gotten SO run down that I just about hit rock bottom. I have been SO stressed for so long that I think my poor body just about gave out. Pure exhaustion, just feeling yucky-I ended up getting a severe sinus infection, then just as I was getting to feeling better for a couple days I ended up with some stomach thing. I think due to all my stress my immune system is really in bad shape.
I am feeling better today-hopefully I can get some art done. The art I have done lately I have just not been totally satisfied with :(
Gillian is on her 4th ear infection in like 6 weeks. ARGH!! I hate this. I am making notes of all of them along with dates, so that I can take to her Ear Nose Throat Doctor in January. More ammunition to get tubes. He wanted to re-evaluate her for it then. Its looking pretty positive for them, I am sure. I want her to have them anyway-she has fluid in her ears and its causing her to have some slight hearing loss. I am sure the fluid is not helping the ear infection situation anyway.
These California fires and wind have been just terrible. To add to my stress, the kids have been home ALL week long from school! Some of the schools here in Beaumont suffered extensive damage due to the strong winds and so have to be fixed and deep cleaned. I went to the store the other day and the dirt from the winds was almost up to the curb-they had one entrance open to both enter and exit-it was horrible. Not far from here in Hemet- the winds get bad also and the dirt was so high it literally almost covered up cars. CRAZY!! It was THAT bad.
We are not too close to the fires-maybe half hour or so-but we are now getting some effects from the fires-the smell of smoke is in the air and I just went to my car this morning and there is ash all over the place. I have to be careful with Gillian being around all this with her lung issues. Its hard to tell a very active 5 year old they can't go outside! She LIVES for playing outside. I know its also good for her as well, but I don't want her inhaling any of the particles floating around.
Here's hoping I can get some art done that I really like.
Oh, I am starting a new project. Its inspired by the recent "White on White" project I did.
I am calling this "Project White Trash" where I am collecting predominantly white stuff that you would normally throw away. I am taking these things and piecing them into white collages onto canvas. So if ya have any cool white trash, send it my way :)

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Christine said...

My thoughts are with you and really I can send you some rain and cool down from Germany to finish the fires and make the air clear from smoke. Can imagine how you feel, I also felt same as the kids where younger because they are often sick. So... be sure, better time will come soon! Greetings since long time from Germany!