Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope everyone has a really wonderful day!

Not a whole lot going on here! I am cooking a turkey dinner, thats about it.

Hopefully maybe I can get some art time in today..........I have been working on a small piece, but really have not had much art time at all this week-I am having withdrawls! I have been working my tail off pressing so many rubber sheets that between that and my family, I haven't done much else!

Here's Gillian in her pretty Easter Dress :)


chipblue57 said...

Kristy, Happy Easter!! Gillian is adorable. She is soooooo cute! I hope all is going better and that you get some art time soon!


belinda said...

oooh kristy, what a cutie-pie she is!!!! hope you had a great easter. i really love the late collages you've been doing. great style, keep it coming. and next time you see susan, say hi from me.

primdollie said...

She's beautiful!!!and hope that things are getting better!!! hang in there!!!! thanks for sharing I remember all the fun little Easter dresses we had as kids!! oh and bonnets!!! (hate hats now!!!)Hugs Linda

Ank said...

Oooow aint that the most beautiful princes you have ever seen ??
Can't remember the last time I dressed up my girls.....where did time go ?