Sunday, August 28, 2011

Revisiting a former Love...............

Years ago I was quite the seamstress-I sewed and sewed like crazy.  For my High School graduation I got a really nice Sewing machine from my folks.  That machine was well loved and used.  After I discovered stamping, my sewing became less and less frequent. Along came kids-and forget it. Especially after Gillian  came along.  Anyway-after years of being in storage, I got my beloved Singer out.  Gillian  and I made a drawstring bag to go along with a History lesson on Early People.  My poor machine just was not sewing as well as it used to.  I called to enquire about it being serviced.  It would cost more to have it serviced than I could pick up a new one for (an inexpensive machine of course). So my husband told me to go ahead and get another.  We were at the Sewing Center locally here yesterday and I was asking her about servicing my Singer and she said that Singer is just not the same company anymore and that many of the parts are not even available anymore because they destroyed old molds.  My machine could be among those. So sad!  After some of the things she told me a sense of panic overcame me.  My overlock machine has also been in storage for a loooooooooong time-even longer than my Singer.  So this morning I went and got it out and I am in the process of cleaning it and oiling it, praying that it functions well.  I am optimistic! This machine costed ALOT. Gasp.  I hope to soon have it up and running again . My daughter is extremely excited about learning to sew. That makes me more inclined to get this stuff up and running.  I see some fun handbags, and mini art quilts in our future :)

The picture here is of my wonderful Elnita Lock machine, that I purchased many years ago at a very young age :) We are excited to have her out of hiding :)

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Aramie Judd Christopherson said...

What is a lock machine? I have now given away my secret shame- I don't know how to sew!!! The only Christopherson daughter-in-law who can barely sew on a button!