Friday, March 18, 2011

Paris Card and a Ramble

It was fun to take a little time today and stamp. I needed some creative time!

The past few weeks have NOT been pleasant. Sigh. But honestly, I am feeling betterthan I have in months now. My doctor discovered that I am in.........ugh........Menopause! At 40!!!! She was dumbfounded. I wondered why I have been feeling so strange for like a year-worse in like the last 3-4 months. I just have felt stressed out, uninspired, etc (but then again months of almost NO sleep can do that to ya too). I never realized it could be hormones! GEEZ!! Further tests have been run and it seems I have some sort of autoimmune disease. So now onto another doctor. But, I am taking one day at a time. Between the high blood pressure, life changes I have made and now this, I just want a break before moving onto another doctor and dealing with more tests, etc. I had not stopped to realize I wasn't even enjoying the simple things in life, like blue skies, snow capped mountains, etc. That made me sad. But, onto the next right? I can only look forward. Thank goodness for hormone pills!!!! I seriously thought I had lost my mind!

Anyway, had to get that out LOL

Stamps used here (All I Brake For Stamps):

Paris Collage from this sheet

Background from this sheet

Distress inks used:

Black Soot

Tea Dye

Aged Mohagany

Brushed Corduroy

Fired Brick

Embossing Folder is The Collage One found here . I know its kinda backwards, but I used a technique called "Texture Plate Smoosh" from the Jan 2011 Technique Junkies newsletter for this and I think it adds interest being that way :)


papillon said...

love the look of this card, feels like the past showing up. love it! Hope you'll feel better soon :)

inge said...

Hello Christy,

nice card you made : I like the textured background and the composition you made.

I feel sorry for you that you don't feel well : 40 IS young !

I'm 44 and have fybromylagy for 18 years, so I know what it is not feeling well and tear your body through the days.
I luckily found that creating gives me energy and keeps my mentally healthy, so even on a worse bodyday I try to be creative and I have at the end of the day a good feeling :)

I hope they find a cure for you so you can feel inspired again !

greetings from belgium

Karen said...

Beautiful card.
Hope you continue to feel better and better now as you get things sorted.

stampdiva said...

Kristy I absolutely love your card.
Hey, not much fun hitting the menopause at 40 but at least they know what the problem is and you are not losing your mind.
Take Care
Lynne M

Wanda H said...

Wonderful card!!! I'm so glad you are getting some health things figured out!! Yes, move forward... it's the best direction to go. ((HUGS))