Monday, August 23, 2010

Big Day!

Today has been a big day as far as change goes...........I actually started homeschooling my daughter and today was our first day. Interesting to say the least but its been a great day and we accomplished alot. The best part is..........We do school for about 3 hours or so, and after that is lunch time then I get time for myself! I love it!

Here is what I did to start getting me back into the creative groove. I have felt so out of it since I have not consistently had creative time. Now I seriously hope to!

Stamps here are by I Brake For Stamps-from Stampinback and the IBFS line

I used This image but trimmed it up a bit and stamped the "Franco" postage cancellation on it to change it up just a tidge.


Neet said...

How lovely - good luck with the home schooling but I suspect it will be wonderful for both you and Gillian to be together.

Lovely card!

Wanda H said...

A beautiful card, Kristy!!! Homeschooling!!! You'll have a good time... but there'll be days just like with most things. I'm still homeschooling the boys... sometimes there are days but they've never scared me away yet and Nick is now in 11th grade :-((

Francine said...

Love your card Kristy the colors, the technique, the stamps all is just perfectly blend together and give a very artistic result!
Take care

Sunny Lee said...

I think I can do homeschool my kids for preschool and after that, why don't I let the teachers do there jobs. Ya, I'm so lazy. But more power to you Kristy. Have a wonderful time with your daughter~ :)

Michele said...

the color and design are beautiful, really a treat for the eye. best wishes with your homeschooling and congrats on getting back in the creativity "groove." xo michele said...

Congratulations on your decision to homeschool. I homeschool as well. I have a senior, a sophomore, and a sixth grader this year. It is so rewarding isn't it?!? Best wishes to you and your little one on a wonderful school year.

Your card is so lovely, I really like the design. Thanks for sharing. - Robyn