Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Just Keep Swimming...

I keep hearing the words "Just Keep Swimming" today. A friend of mine (actually a couple) told me that a couple months ago, when my daughter was newly diagnosed with Seizures.

I find that saying still rings true with me today. I am slowly coming around, trying to do more art, and to find ME again. I miss that person. But I know she is there. I find sometimes, when the going gets rough and the focus is on my family, etc, I kinda get lost. But as I have gone about my day, realizing my schedule is getting more like normal, I told myself "Just keep swimming."

materials used on this art journal page:

Oil pastels, gesso, magazine pics and print outs, ephemera, ink, letter stamps, and graphite pencil


Cindy said...

Love the art, and especially love the sentiment. It was kind of strange -- while I was in Ark and Okla when my mother was so sick, I was mostly fine. I just did what needed to be done on a daily basis. I just kept swimming! It wasn't until I was back home that I kind of fell apart and lost myself. Mom was still sick and the future was still uncertain, but I had nothing to do concerning it.

I'm glad to hear that you are slowly getting back to yourself and your routine is getting back to normal. That is a huge thing!

Just keep swimming, Kristy. Keep your head above water. You'll find YOU again -- and sooner than you think!

Mary said...

Hi Kristy, there are ebbs and flows to life, and even when we think we are stuck it is not forever.

This is a wonderful journal page.