Monday, January 18, 2010


This piece is coming along! I took a rest from it for a couple days-meant to work on it more this weekend but didn't get to it. It's very hard for me to focus on my art when my kids are around-my little one is very demanding. I have to be able to really focus :(

Alas, its coming along great. Right now I am transferring a small image to it and I think it should be done......fingers crossed. But here is where I am at with it right now.


PiecesofD said...

The collage is going to be lovley. I like to post photos of mine as I progress as well. I'd really like to put your blog on my blog roll. Please let me knoe if that is ok. Also, I'd love it if you were to visit, when you get a minute or 2 (I know how the kids can be). Thanks so much!

Ophelia said...

This is Incredible!!!!