Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back in the saddle again..........I hope!

Its strange not doing any art for a couple of weeks.......and I have missed my journaling.

This is the perfect day for it too. Our dogs got in our chicken coop this morning and sadly we lost a few of them. My son did not hook our electric fence back up last night and left the gate open enough for the dogs to get in and they broke into the coop. I am sad as I just loved having the fresh eggs-nothing like fresh eggs! We still have one chicken left but that won't give us that many eggs :( Gotta wait till it gets warmer so we can get some more chickens. ugh! Makes me sick!

Used on this page:

Acrylics, masking tape, collage, charcoal, watercolors and sakura glaze pens


~Barb~ said...

Gorgeous the colors you've chosen. So sorry about the hens. I am with you and love my fresh eggs. Nothing better, in my book.
Peace & Love,

Neet said...

What a gorgeous page Kristy - sorry about the chicks - hope your little girl was not too upset by losing them. Can imagine your sad face though when you found out.