Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm still here!

Just have had NO time for kids have taken up all my time! Now my husband is off this week for vacation and we have some plans, and today was my daughter's birthday! Its hard to believe that 7 years ago this little girl came into the world weighing only 1lb 5 oz! Each birthday truly is a celebration. Today was all about her.

2 more weeks till the kids get back to school and I can create alllllllllll day if I want! woohoooooo!! I will be partying on August 24th!!LOL


Mary said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little one. Have a great day together!!

Sharon said...

Your lovely little lady is truly a miracle. Happy birthday Gillian!
Hope I spelled that right!

xoxo Sharon

Mar said...

funny how time goes so fast...she is adorable and looks JUST like YOU!
have a happy!

mary schweitzer said...

Happy birthday to your sweetie.
Your comment about back to school made me think of my favorite commercail, 2 kids are dragging their heels thru an office supply store while their father is gliding by balanced on his cart like a ballerina.

Laura Haviland said...

What a little sweetie, what us Mom's do for the love of our families.Have a Happy Birthday together, so special. They grow up to quick and still fun when they are teenagers.
Enjoy your day. Hugs Laura.