Saturday, December 15, 2007

What a mail day!

I had the most awesome mail day today!

First off, got my Secret Santa Package from one of the groups I belong to. I was thrilled to see my Secret Santa was the ever talented Heather Robinson. I took a picture of the goodies and scanned the Microscope Slide holder she did along with two ornaments inside. Beautiful!

And, I got a GREAT book from Amazon that I ordered called "Acrylic Revolution" and so far just thumbing through it, I can tell I am going to just LOVE this book.

And, I got some rubber from Quietfire Design-I am going to be doing a little work for her-so you will be seeing that before too long :)

Hows that for an awesome mail day?????

Sadly I didn't get any art done today-normally I do on the weekend. But, we had this Cable/Internet/Phone thing installed today so that took up my art time-we had to get the house ready for that and things moved, etc. But for the first time ever , we have cable. Yes, thats right, we have NEVER had it. All these years we have only had an antenna. So, we are really excited :) We were always just too cheap to get it-but for the price of the internet and phone, with the package we just signed up for its just about $10 more to have cable with it :) Not bad.

3 comments: said...

I wish I had a good mail day like yours! I got one christmas card and all bills! :D

Kelly said...

lucky girl! you got some cool stuff and the art is awesome!

Crafty Angel said...

WOW!! Dont ya just love secret santa's!! I got mine last week! Nothing better than getting stash in the post!