Sunday, October 13, 2013

My New (to Me) Bernina Record 730

Since I have gotten back into sewing the past couple years I have lusted over a Bernina.  I have several (ahem, 8) sewing machines but none of them a Bernina.  Bernina's can be sooooo expensive (but I know they are worth every penny).
The past months I have done research on some of the older models (which I LOVE) and decided this was the one I  was going to go for.  I have been watching them on Ebay a lot, and most recently on Shopgoodwill . On Shopgoodwill, Bernina's aren't on there very often. Imagine my surprise when I searched and saw exactly the model I have wanted!
I had my mind set on a price range, and low and behold, I won the auction. I haven't been this excited in a looooooooooooong time (thanks to the "D" word).  I just got "Bernie" on Friday. She is so perfect. I was worried, although the auction said she had been tested and worked , you just never know.  She came with a bunch of presser feet, and the original case which is in near mint condition.  Other than a few cosmetic blemishes, she is in near perfect shape.  She functions beautifully!  The only thing that was wrong was one of the lever's were stuck.  All I had to do was apply a little heat with a hairdryer and apply a little Triflow oil  and it was fine. She is as good as new :)  She sews so smooth and is everything I was hoping for. According to what I found out online based on her serial number, she was built in 1970.

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